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At Rock Tribe, were inspired by adventures of wanderlust—

the places we go, the people we meet and the colors,

patterns, materials and textures we see.





Our Nüwa mala was designed in the USA and handcrafted with water buffalo horn bone in Nepal. The eye catching dark-brown-borderline-black wrist mala has contrasting yin and yang symbols on each bead, an adjustable black braided nylon cord and matching beaded ends.


Our talented professional artists are located in a rural area just outside of Kathmandu where bone bead and pendant making is a highly regarded practice and supports the village with vital resources to continue the centuries-old process.


Nüwa (or Nügua) is the mother goddess of Chinese mythology— she is credited with creating mankind and repairing the Pillar of Heaven. In Chinese philosophy, “yin and yang” is the theory of how opposite forces (dark/bright, negative/positive, female/male) are actually complementary and interconnected with one another— dualities of force that give rise to their opposite rather than conflict. The symbol consists of two halves, representing the balance of two opposites that create perfect balance only with one another. It is often described as sunlight radiating over a mountain, creating a dark shadow in the valley below. As sunlight moves across the sky, yin and yang move with one another, slowly revealing what was once obscured and slowly obscuring what was once revealed. In English, “yin” (black side with white dot) translates to “the shady place” while “yang” (white side with black dot) translates to “the sunny place”.


A batik bone bead is dyed by “batik method” or “batiking”. It’s a process of producing color designs on materials by dyeing them after having first applied beeswax (a natural dye resistant) to the parts to be left natural or not dyed. The dye used is a natural mixture of tree bark, sand, plant extracts and sap that contain wax-resistant properties.


Batik bone beads were first produced by the Oromo Tribe of Northern Kenya hundreds of years ago and the patterns (stripes, spots and chevrons) were inspired by their domestic animals and wildlife.


    Adjustable Batik Bone Wrist Mala with Beaded Ends

    Comfortably Fits 6”+ Wrist

    6-7mm x 7-8mm Bead Average


    As with all handcrafted items, expect slight variation in size, shape or color.